Double Award: GEZE ActiveStop door damper and climate-active façade with GEZE IQ box KNX are winners of the German Innovation Award 2018

“The German Innovation Award seeks out details, processes and products that impress in terms of their impact and added value,” explains the initiator of the awards, the German Design Council. At the German Innovation Award 2018 the expert jury announced the GEZE ActiveStop fitted on the door frame and the climate-active façade with GEZE IQ box KNX as winners in the Building & Elements category.

The German Innovation Award recognises innovative products and solutions from all industries that stand out from current solutions due to their significantly greater benefit. It thus makes exceptional services visible to a broader public. GEZE has numerous innovations that make our lives better, easier and more pleasant, and that shape the future. Sometimes they are obvious, as in the case of the GEZE ActiveStop door damper. But we often enjoy the added convenience or the enhanced security of a product without being able to imagine the innovative strength behind it. For many of us, this could be the case with the climate-active façade with GEZE IQ box KNX.

GEZE ActiveStop door damper fitted on the door frame. Photos: GEZE GmbH

A brand new “door control” with GEZE ActiveStop door damper
The door damping offers unique new door control. With GEZE ActiveStop, room doors are stopped gently, closed quietly or kept open with ease. Whether you give the door a gentle or a hearty push – the system opens it safely and independently, up to the individually adjustable hold-open position. At the same time, the draw-in damper brakes the swing door at the right time and keeps it open safely in the required position. This is also an advantage if during ventilation the door threatens to slam shut in an uncontrolled way. GEZE ActiveStop ensures doors can be kept open safely. Thanks to active damping, the door closes slowly and quietly and prevents not only noisy slams, but also unsightly marks on walls or injuries as well. Doors 'run freely' at between 25 and 60 degrees. The door damping reliably catches them from 25 or from 60 degrees. In addition to the version integrated into the door leaf, there is now also a retrofit version fitted on the door frame. As it can be stuck in place and then simply removed again, it is the ideal solution for rented flats.

Climate-active façade with GEZE IQ box KNX
In building automation, a climate-active smart façade satisfies modern requirements, such as energy-efficient ventilation, a healthy indoor climate and the monitoring of window statuses. This is achieved through an intelligent combination of window drives and sensors. These can be operated intelligently via the IQ box KNX interface module, integrated into the KNX communication standard. The window drives of the IQ windowdrive series can be integrated into KNX building systems as direct bus participants for controlled natural ventilation. Window statuses can thus be displayed, operated and monitored centrally. Thus automated, the windows allow direct communication with other components in the KNX building system, such as KNX push buttons and KNX sensors. In this way, all windows in a building can be closed centrally at the push of a button. If a KNX weather station or a KNX air quality sensor reports rainfall, wind, a concentration of CO2 which is too high, or a temperature difference, the window drives will receive the signal to close or open via the IQ box KNX. Via precise activation of the window drives, the module enables energy saving potential and offers additional safety: After completing a command, the window status is reported back to the KNX building system or building management system. More detailed window information is also made available via the IQ box KNX, such as the precise opening width.

Climate-active façade with GEZE IQ box KNX. Photos: GEZE GmbH

About the German Innovation Award
The German Innovation Award is handed out by the German Design Council, initially established by the German Bundestag, and is today is independent and international institution for competitiveness. The jury is made up of experts from industry, science, institutions and the financial sector. The figures of merit include innovative strength, user benefits, cost-effectiveness, technical quality and sustainability.