GEZE scoops double honours at the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture - Unique automatic swing door and wireless extension for hold-open systems

Fully networked: The ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture are the first international architecture and design competition to consider how these two disciplines work together. It draws attention to the fundamental importance of how individual product groups interact. Awards go to exceptional construction projects and innovative interior and product design in the context of architecture. In the ‘Product’ category, the Powerturn F-IS/TS swing door drive system was awarded the “Winner”, whilst the FA GC 170 wireless extension received the honour ‘Selection’.

Design highlight Powerturn F-IS/TS: one look for two technologies

The unique combination of swing door drive and door closer is a visually elegant, multifunctional variant for double-leaf swing doors. It is at its most attractive when the active leaf moves and is operated automatically for added ease of use and access for all. One particular visual feature is the universal drive look across both door leaves. The 'duo' is a welcome and optimal solution on asymmetrical doors. The Powerturn door drive range offers almost limitless possibilities for individual building design.

Photo: Jürgen Pollak for GEZE GmbH, Signet: GEZE GmbH

Wireless and convenient: the FA GC 170 wireless extension for GEZE hold-open systems

To further improve security and convenience, GEZE has made its range of hold-open systems even more attractive by adding a special extension to its solution. The GEZE FA GC 170 wireless extension allows you to wirelessly connect ceiling-mounted detectors and manual trigger switches to the lintel-mounted detector on all GEZE hold-open systems. Standard cable connections can be replaced with wireless connections; no separate cable routing is required. This facilitates planning and provides planning certainty, especially in listed buildings. FA GC 170 is therefore also a welcome solution for retrofitting and offers tried-and-tested preventive fire protection.

Photo: Jürgen Pollak for GEZE GmbH, Signet: GEZE GmbH

Award ceremony at Pinakothek der Moderne

The location for the award ceremony could not have been more appropriate: one of Europe’s most prominent buildings for modern art, architecture and design. The Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich will host the award ceremony as part of the Expo Real on 8 October 2018. All of the award-winning products are presented in the ICONIC-Directory online portal.

German Design Council Established organiser

Founded on the initiative of the German Bundestag from the Federation of Germany Industries and leading companies, the German Design Council is one of the world’s most important centres for expertise in design and architecture. It acts at the intersection between designers and the construction industry. Its awards are a mark of international quality for current developments and design services. The independent jury of the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture consists of representatives from the disciplines of architecture, interior design, design and brand communication.