Start of DHBW studies 2018: reaching your goal quickly and safely - Enter the GEZE door to a successful future career

Anyone opting for a dual degree with GEZE combines studies with career experience. Exciting practice-oriented topics are offered that provide hours of enjoyment and fill the knowledge acquired in lectures with life. You can shape your own future and look forward to outstanding prospects. Today, we will be welcoming 12 new DHBW students to 7 courses.

They have their higher education certificates and a great many ideas. However, they are not only confined to the auditorium. The greatest advantage of the double degree is its practical application. Those who decide to obtain a dual degree acquire career experience during their studies already. With GEZE, our 12 new DHBW students have a modern, future-proof employer in a cutting-edge environment, full support for a successful exam and targeted continual development. 

A warm welcome! The beginning of a successful future:  studies and practice in one. The 12 new Cooperative State University (DHBW) students in the interactive initiation programme. Photo: GEZE GmbH

The future is “smart”

At GEZE, many roads lead to careers, as we are one of the world's most successful and innovative providers of products and systems for the automation, digitalisation and networking of doors and windows. We work on future projects such as smart buildings. Our work encompasses many diverse and international fields of activity, for which we offer courses geared towards the future.



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Courses for a mutual future

Never before have so many smart and motivated minds decided to acquire a practice-integrated Bachelor's degree in 7 disciplines with us. For our mutual goal of making buildings more liveable.

  • Business Information Systems
  • International Business
  • Mechatronics
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Digital Business Management

Our 'DHBW-sters' enjoy being with us, are enthusiastic and committed, and they strive to achieve the best results. We can help. What we offer you

  • cutting-edge, exciting projects with plenty of responsibilities
  • assignments in 'ideal' fields - whenever possible
  • promoting unique skills
  • providing additional targeted training in core and professional skills
  • trips abroad: assignments for international subsidiary companies
  • grants for semesters at a university abroad
  • intensive support with Bachelor's degree work
  • recreational programmes and social engagement

"I always love being with GEZE during the practical stages. It's a great change to return to such a comfortable working environment after the university stages. One of my main expectations toward GEZE was that I would be supported during the course and would be able to gain plenty of practical experience. This has been fulfilled 100%. What I learn here helps me visualise the theoretical content of the degree." Anna Zündel, DHBW Mechatronics student, 2nd year. Photo: GEZE GmbH

"GEZE’s international orientation makes the working day interesting and varied, and I like that. In addition to working on exciting projects here in Germany, I've also been entrusted with supporting a project in the subsidiary company in Singapore, with a 2-month stay there. My expectations haven't just been met, they've been exceeded.” Till Haßel did his Bachelor's degree in Business Informatics in 2017, and is now a SAP consultant. Photo: GEZE GmbH

Choose your own direction

At GEZE, many doors are open to students. They always follow their own path. We prefer to recruit experts and managers from our own ranks and also co-ordinate targeted offers of further training. The opportunities we offer have proven their worth, when considering the large number of managers who started their career at GEZE as a DHBW-ster. 

Focussing on people

In our family business, we focus on people and their individual personalities. That is why we encourage our students to use their individual strengths in modern workplaces and media technology, which enable agile work. This helps to bring teams together quickly and easily, to be better together!

The GEZE community 

The GEZE training community has been the indispensable digital social network for DHBW students, apprentices and trainees right from the beginning. It is not only a place for people to get to know each other better quickly, network and support each other. The platform provides all relevant training information, and is maintained and upgraded by everyone in the community.