Start of training 2018: Targeted, individual development: Kick-off to a successful career for new GEZE apprentices

Young people hope to enjoy training for a career with a bright future. Individual support and a reliable employer are key elements to completing training successfully. Today, we welcome 16 new apprentices to three industrial-technical and two commercial IT training roles.

They have plenty of ideas and are looking for the right connection between their personal visions and the anchor they need to launch their professional careers. They were all impressed by everything GEZE has to offer and expects of them: working and learning in an environment that creates products that make our lives and work more enjoyable liveable and safer. 


First day in their dream job: We at GEZE would like to wish our 16 new apprentices a successful initiation to  the interactive introductory programme! Photos and labels: GEZE GmbH

In the buildings of the future 

GEZE is at the forefront of automation, digitisation, and networking of doors and windows. The company creates smart technology for doors and windows that turns structures into smart buildings. We have the investment potential, the ability, and the passion for technology to make this vision a reality. We need bright minds to continue developing and growing our company. We need people who enjoy taking responsibility and like to go against the grain and find unconventional solutions.

Develop your potential and feel good

We partner with our new apprentices in the training fields 

  • IT specialist application development
  • IT specialist system integration
  • industrial mechanic
  • construction mechanic 
  • mechatronics 

by providing the following right from the start to ensure they develop to the best of their abilities:

  • basing training plans involving interesting, challenging projects
  • regular feedback from trainers
  • encouragement of unique skills
  • additional targeted training in core and professional skills, free learning afternoons
  • training mentors: apprentices from previous years
  • recreational programmes and social involvement

Scope for new ideas

We encourage the specific strengths of our apprentices individually, for example through targeted training sessions. Our high ratio of trainers to apprentices is evidence of this commitment. We provide an environment perfectly suited to new ideas, with modern work stations and media technology in flexible rooms to facilitate agile work. This allows teams to get to work quickly, promotes the exchange of ideas, and facilitates networking between a variety of knowledge areas. This creates a fun environment, and a key basis for ensuring innovative products and excellent quality. 

Triple-phase training

GEZE works with newly accepted training models, for instance in the rapidly changing field of information technology. The combination triple-phase training model is one example. It is an alternative to further education for especially high-performing apprentices who have completed the Abitur exam or received a vocational baccalaureate diploma.

Three modules 

  • abbreviated professional training as an IT specialist (CCI)
  • qualification as an IT Project Coordinator (CCI certificate)
  • work/study programme as an Operative IT Professional (CCI test) 

Adrian Pawliczuk is a talented IT student who has already started on module number two: "With triple-phase training, I can complete my IT specialist training through a speed class. At the same time, I am also training to be an IT Project Coordinator. I will complete a work/study programme as soon as I finish my studies. The diploma is equivalent to a Bachelor's degree and opens up a lot of opportunities for me at GEZE – including abroad.”

Choose your own direction

At GEZE, apprentices can choose from many different career paths and so set their own direction. It’s very important to us to recruit specialists and managers from our own ranks whenever possible. Our entry-level programmes are shaped accordingly, and our continued training programmes are designed around the same goal. 


Training and Bachelor’s programme in 3 years. We’d like to wish Adrian Pawliczuk continued success with tripe=phase training! Photo: GEZE GmbH

Grants for the future

The benefits of a good diploma pay off, as reflected in the grants awarded in recognition of our apprentices’ success. This year, training graduates have profited from outstanding graduation results in both the commercial and IT areas. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research encourage talented professionals who want to achieve more post-education with a grant of up to up to 7,200 euro paid over three years.