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You can get in touch with the GEZE Asia Pacific office in Singapore as follows:

GEZE Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Bukit Batok Street 23
Singapore 659554
Tel: +65 6846 1338
Fax: +65 6846 9353


GEZE (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Indonesia Branch
Komplex Ruko Prominence B 38E
Alam Sutera, Serpong
Banten 15143
Tel.: +65 6846 1338


GEZE (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Korea Branch
#610 Daewoo Maison B/D.
750-1 Janghangdong
Ilsangu Goyangsi Gyeonggido
Korea 410-380
Tel.: +82 31 924 1883


GEZE (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Taiwan Branch
3F, No. 183, Zhouzi Street,
Neihu District, Taipei City 114
Taiwan (ROC)
Tel.: +886 22659 5889 ext 2071