The GEZE house

Experience our products in the animated GEZE house!
Experience our products in the animated GEZE house!

The point of focus in the entrance area

Revolving doors are a component of a facade and also the point of focus of the entrance area of a representative building. Here, it is important for the visitor to make a good "first impression" with the help of an architecturally perfect revolving door which continues to function reliably and safely despite high frequencies of operation. GEZE enables almost unlimited design freedom when it comes to the various materials and colours.

The high insulation effects protecting against draughts, weather and noise mean that revolving doors create a very effective separation of the indoor and outdoor climates and contribute towards saving energy.

Revolving doors made by GEZE enthuse architects, planners and processors. Starting with hotels, shopping centres and banks and going right through to airports and museums, many famous  buildings across the world are fitted with door solutions from GEZE Sonderkonstruktionen GmbH.

Automatic Sliding
Door Systems




(height x depth)

70 x 190 mm

120 x 175 mm /
 150 x 175 mm

150 x 185 mm /
200 x 185 mm

Opening width
1 leaf

700 - 3000 mm

700 - 3000 mm

700 - 3000 mm

Opening width
2 leaf

900 - 3000 mm

900 - 3000 mm

800 - 3000 mm

Leaf weight (max.)
1 leaf

1x 125 kg

1x 120 kg

1x 200* kg

Leaf weight (max.) 2 leaf

2x 125 kg

2x 120 kg

2x 180*kg / 200** kg

Opening / closing speed (max.)

0,8 / 0,8 m/s

0,8 / 0,8 m/s

0,8 / 0,8 m/s

Redundant sliding doors for escape & rescue roues (FR)




Special functions for escape & rescue routes

FR with locked shop closing (FR-LL)




FR in both directions (FR-DUO)




FR locked (FR-RWS)




CO 48 (France)





ISO glass fine-framed




MONO glass fine-framed




ESG clamping profile fine-framed



All-glass system (GGS)


Integrated all-glass system (IGG)


Stainless steel


On-site leaves




   yes       no       optional
  *     Max. 160 kg for FR version, max. 120 kg for fine-framed leaves
  **   Increased opening and hold-open times if nec.