GEZE profile cylinders

GEZE cylinders are suitable for all GEZE mortice locks and for GEZE patch locks prepared for European profile cylinders. Five or six pin profile cylinders guarantee a high key-related security. The standard body is made of nickel-plated brass material. The visual surface is vertically brushed with a GEZE logo on it. All keys are provided with embossed GEZE logo on one side and a laser marked serial number on the other side, matching the number on the profile cylinder. All dimensions in accordance with DIN 18252.


Area of application

  • Suitable for all GEZE mortice locks and GEZE patch locks with preparation for European profile cylinders
  • Maximum door thickness depends on height of profile cylinder escutcheon

Product range

Double profile cylinder

  • European profile double cylinder
  • European profile double turn cylinder with Big or Peanut knob
  • European profile turn cylinder WC application with Big or Peanut knob

Half profile cylinder

  • European profile half cylinder
  • European profile half turn cylinder with Peanut knob