Working for sustainability for 160 years – 10,000 new trees for a greener future

For over 160 years, we have been delivering intelligent solutions for doors, windows, and safety worldwide. As a family business, sustainability has always been our focus. We have been partnering successfully with Treedom since 2020, in order to establish the GEZE company forest in different countries by planting trees. By doing so, we are further reducing our CO2 footprint while helping local farmers, by creating jobs and supporting local infrastructures. We have continued our commitment by planting another 10,000 trees and taking over tree sponsorships in subsequent years.

GEZE is setting new standards in sustainable forestry development with Treedom

A farmer plants a tree in Guatemala.

Sustainability has been a central element of GEZE's corporate culture for 160 years. GEZE partnered with Treedom in 2020 to plant a company forest with the collaboration of small-scale farmers in Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, Nepal and Guatemala. This forest will reduce CO2 around the world and improve the living situation of the farmers by creating jobs that support the local infrastructure and provide food.

By continuing this commitment and planting new trees, GEZE was able to increase its total contribution to an impressive 6,417 tons of stored CO2. The company forest is maintained and used by local, small-scale farmers in Africa, Asia and Central America. Other advantages of the project are that it helps stabilise and improve the economic situation in the regions where the trees are planted, that it provides a diverse mix of species to cover different ecological and economic needs, and that the trees are planted by local, small-scale farmers.

Treedom was selected to partner with GEZE because the agroforestry initiative offers much more than just computing CO2 storage. A deciduous tree stores around 12.5 kilograms of CO2 each year, also making an important contribution to food security and the income of the local population by providing fruit as well.

With this ongoing engagement, GEZE is setting new standards in sustainable forest development and underscoring its long-term commitments to environmental protection and social responsibility.