Automatic door systems from GEZE at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen

Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen has just moved a step closer to the healthcare system of the future. A new annex, the North Wing, is dedicated to hi-tech surgery, demanding patient treatment, and research. The prestigious healthcare project puts patients and relatives at the centre and therefore makes the highest demands of architecture, design and functionality. 

Modern technology and comfort: Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen

The ECdrive sliding door system in the entrance area of Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen

The EC drive fits discreetly into the automatic protective glass doors in the bright lounge area. © GEZE GmbH

Rigshospitalet has gained an approx. 55,000 m² extension that can handle the most advanced and specialised surgical operations in Denmark, and afterwards give patients and relatives the best possible treatment and care. The North Wing, which was officially opened in January 2020, is strategically important for Denmark's healthcare system – now and in the future.

Bringing specialist expertise together in one place makes it possible to offer patients and relatives both treatment and care of international standard in surroundings designed to handle extreme complexity. So far, 33 hi-tech operating rooms and 196 private rooms have been opened for use. 

The North Wing's operating rooms are equipped with robots and large flat-panel displays, making diagnostics and treatment better and quicker. All patients have access to the Internet and their own medical records. Private rooms with space for relatives take care of patients' needs for privacy, discretion and rest. 

Healing architecture – always focused on patients

ECdrive with contactless proximity switches ensures hygienic access to operating theatres and patient rooms.

The ECdrive sliding door system with contactless proximity switches ensures hygienic access to operating theatres and patient rooms. © GEZE GmbH

The architecture and aesthetics play a major role in creating the best possible environment for the patients. Sound, inflow of light, colours, art and nature are elements that together create "healing architecture", i.e. an architecture that promotes the patients' mental well-being and reduces the stress of being hospitalised with a serious condition. 

To ensure that each component, large or small, helps realise the vision for the North Wing, while maintaining the highest levels of hygiene, the standard for suppliers is high, in the construction phase. 

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The GC 307+ can be used to easily activate automatic doors without tactile sensing in internal and external applications.

The GC 307+, a non-contact proximity switch © GEZE GmbH

Comfortable and hygienic automatic systems for more than 450 doors 

The healing architecture, the high level of hygiene and the extreme requirements for functionality are also reflected in the automatic door systems chosen for the North Wing. The 33 doors to the operating rooms are hermetically sealed in order to keep the rooms sterile and bacteria-free. 

The building is also equipped with around 140 automatic sliding doors and more than 300 automatic swing door drive. The doors open and close automatically without contact with the door handle. In terms of hygiene – particularly in the light of COVID-19 – non-contact automatic door systems are critical for reducing the risk of infection. 

In addition, the automated solutions ensure that doors open and close very quietly. Out of consideration for the patients, noise from internal traffic in the North Wing must be kept to a minimum. 

"We have extensive experience of cooperating with Danish hospitals, and the North Wing is our biggest individual hospital construction project to date. We started our collaboration with the contractor in 2015, and have had an Installation Technician working full-time on the project for several years.", said Poul Torndahl, Sales Engineer at GEZE Denmark.

It is a massive construction project with very well-thought-out architecture and unique design and functional requirements. This has made it incredibly exciting to be part of the project. We look forward to continuing our relationship as the service partner for the automated door systems in the North Wing.

Poul Torndahl, Sales Engineer at GEZE Dänemark
Smart glass façade with revolving door and Slimdrive SC at the patient entrance.

A curved double glass sliding door with Slimdrive SC is built into the smart glass panel in front of the revolving door at the patient entrance. © GEZE GmbH

GEZE's deliverables for the North Wing

  • 33 automatic door systems for hermetically sealed doors to operating rooms.
  • More than 450 non-contact proximity switches for automatic doors (GC 307+ non-contact switches for activating automatic doors).
  • 140 automatic systems for glass and steel sliding doors (Powerdrive for doors up to 2 x 200 kg and ECdrive for doors up to 2 x 100 kg).
  • 300 automated systems for swing doors (Slimdrive EMD-F automatic door opener for one-leaf doors and Slimdrive EMD-F-IS automatic door opener for two-leaf doors).
  • A wide range of door closers for different types of doors.