Case studies

Milaneo Stuttgart: GEZE door technology promotes energy efficiency in buildings

The Milaneo building complex, with a shopping centre over three levels, lies in the heart of Stuttgart’s newly developed Europa district. GEZE equipped the shopping mall with state-of-the-art door and safety technology to meet the high convenience and energy efficiency demands in the building.

Automatic door convenience by GEZE in the Milaneo

Glazed automatic doors by GEZE in the vestibule of the Milaneo shopping centre.

Reducing energy consumption: GEZE automatic doors in the vestibule of the Milaneo entrance area. © Jürgen Pollak / GEZE GmbH

Together with the new public library which opened in 2011, the Milaneo complex is at the heart of the newly developed Europa district. The main part of the €550 million project is the spacious shopping mall which houses more than 200 businesses over total surface area of 43,000 m². Three individual structures were erected for the shopping centre, in line with designs by the Düsseldorf architects RKW Rhode Kellermann Wawrowsky Architektur + Städtebau. With a shape reminiscent of satellites, they are linked to one other via the seamlessly connected retail space on the ground floor. Each satellite can be accessed from outside on all four sides via vestibules with standardised door systems. As a systems provider, GEZE has equipped the mall, its vestibules and parking levels with state-of-the-art door and safety technology , thereby supporting energy efficiency in the building.

Automatic doors for barrier-free access through the vestibule

The doors in the shopping centre that have high levels of pedestrian traffic must combine barrier-free ease of access, safety, and attractive design. GEZE delivered a tailor-made solution for all 12 of the vestibules in the three structures, and equipped each vestibule with four automatic doors. The double-leaf automatic swing doors with TSA 160 NT-IS drive systems open and close the door leaves reliably and conveniently, guaranteeing the required security. The integrated TZ 320 safety door control monitors all opening and closing processes, and clears the emergency exits in the event of an emergency. The night-time closer of the exterior doors is also activated by the TZ 320.

Emergency exit protection and certified energy efficiency

As a multifunctional solution, the doors in the vestibule also act as a fresh air opening or air vent for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation in the event of a fire. K 600 retractable arm drives push open the doors in the event of fire and keep them wide open for air supply. The automatic swing doors have another benefit in normal operation: they close reliably to improve the building's energy balance. The automatic doors were one of the criteria that helped the Milaneo achieve gold pre-certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

A security interlocking door system as a solution for the parking level

Accessibility, preventive fire protection and emergency exit protection take maximum priority in the basement’s 1,200-space parking area. The answer was a convenient interlocking door system. The doors open automatically in normal operation, but in the event of danger, they create a safe barrier between the car park and the adjacent lift and escape stairwell.

GEZE Slimdrive door drive: Convenience and emergency exit protection

As double-leaf automatic fire protection doors, the exterior doors on the interlocking door system were equipped with Slimdrive EMD F/R IS drives with integrated smoke switch control unit and closing sequence control. Thanks to its low installation height of only 7 cm, the door drive creates an ideal unit with the smoke switch. The guide rails and sensor strip are also integrated elegantly and extremely discreetly into the door system as sensor rails. The Slimdrive security solution was specially developed for slim door profiles and restricted spaces. The Slimdrive EMD-F/R drive also received two Plus X awards in 2014: the innovation prize and the 'Product of the Year' award in the door drives category.

Safety matters: Hold-open system with emergency exit control

Double-leaf swing door in fire safety design, closed.

Safer door convenience in all situations: fire protection doors with integrated emergency exit control. © Jürgen Pollak / GEZE GmbH

In normal operation, a hold-open system enables free access through the interior door of the interlocking door system. GEZE implemented a sophisticated complete system consisting of a TS 5000 R-ISM door closer with a continuous guide rail. The double-leaf fire protection door is held open electrically and closes securely in the event of a fire - triggered by fire detectors. All components of the multifunctional automatic door are discreetly integrated into the hold-open system, saving lots of space.

Tailor-made door systems in fire safety design

GEZE fitted massive double-leaf fire protection doors with full panic function in the entrances to the technology and logistics area of the shopping centre. Equipped with Slimdrive EMD F/R-IS drive systems and CB flex carry bars, they fulfil the high security requirements of this area. The carry bars ensure that the closing sequence mechanism of the door closes securely every time, even in a panic situation. When opening the passive leaf, the active leaf is opened as far as the closing sequence control waiting position so that both door leaves can then be closed in the correct order.

Geze products in the Milaneo, Stuttgart

  • Double-leaf automatic swing doors with TSA 160 NT-IS drive systems
  • Integrated TZ 320 emergency exit control
  • K 600 retractable arm drives
  • Slimdrive EMD F/R-IS drives with integrated smoke switch control unit and closing sequence control
  • TS 5000 R-ISM door closer