New construction, retro-fitting projects and day-to-day operations: new GEZE website provides support throughout the building life cycle

Clearly structured and quick and easy to use – the new GEZE (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd. / GEZE Gmbh website takes digital communication with clients and prospects to a new level. GEZE is committed to using innovative and modern door, window and safety technologies to create exceptionally liveable buildings. GEZE's new website makes it even quicker and easier to access the company’s products and services.

Information and work processes displayed in a digital format

Planning and operating modern buildings is becoming increasingly complex: the automation and digitisation of many building components, coupled with new rules and legal regulations, mean all the experts involved in the life cycle of a building face increasing pressure of complexity. The new GEZE website helps clients to optimise their planning and procurement processes. Users can easily incorporate it into their work processes and use it as a work tool.

The new website is easy to navigate, taking users quickly and intuitively to the part of the building life cycle that they are looking for; GEZE services are structured along the same lines. Whatever device users access the website from: GEZE product information and product documents are fully accessible and downloadable, even from mobile devices.

Solutions and know-how for every target group

The principle behind the new GEZE website is to provide planners, installation engineers and buildings managers with access to the information or tools that they need in just a few clicks – content that is relevant to them is just a click away. For planners and architects this means, for example, free access to GEZE BIM door objects and to standard templates for project and product-specific tender texts, as well as to drawings and cable routing diagrams. Users from the manufacturing/processing trades will find installation instructions and installation drawings and videos quickly and easily. The ‘Services’ section provides users with direct access to search functions and to tools such as the online service order as well as the option of buying original spare parts, along with many other GEZE online services.