Powerturn F-IS/TS swing door drive system receives the German Design Award

Outstanding design recognised at one of the world's most lauded design awards: the Powerturn F-IS/TS swing door drive system has been announced winner of the German Design Award 2018. This top prize is awarded by an international panel of design council experts.

Design highlight: One look for two technologies

The German Design Award is all about design quality. The best design products in each category are recognised as winners of the German Design Awards. The Powerturn F-IS/TS swing door drive system, a ‘strong’ connection between automatic doors and door closer technology, was awarded the coveted prize in the ‘Building and Elements’ category.

The unique combination of swing door drive and door closer is an attractive variant for double-leaf doors where the active leaf moves primarily, and automatic operation means improved convenience. One particular visual feature is the universal drive look across both door leaves. The ‘Duo’ is a welcome solution on asymmetrical doors.

The Powerturn F-IS/TS functions

The active leaf is equipped with the Powerturn swing door drive. Its strengths are barrier-free ease of access, a high range of functions, creative freedom and a discreet design. The Powerturn also opens large and heavy single and double-leaf doors easily and safely, at prestigious entrances or indoors. At a height of only 7 cm, the drive is suited for any installation situation, and moves door leaf weights of up to 600 kg.

The passive leaf is equipped with a door closer, e.g. from the TS 4000 or TS 5000 series, and is opened only when necessary. The drive housing also contains the closing sequence control required for fire protection doors. It guarantees that both door leaves close properly andin a controlled manner after they have been used. The Powerturn F/R-IS/TS swing door drive/door closer combination for hold-open systems combines innovative technology and design. This includes the smoke control unit, which is invisibly integrated into the cover.

About the German Design Award

The German Design Award aims to uncover and award unique design trends such as the GEZE Powerturn F-IS/TS swing door drive system. The prestigious prize is awarded by the German Design Council. The German Design Council is one of the world's leading centres of excellence for communication and brand leadership in the design sector. All the awards are decided during a two-day sitting by a panel made up of top-ranking design experts from every different professional direction.