Locking elements

MA 500 * Holding magnet for locking an emergency exit with magnetic force

Holding magnet MA 500 Magnetic clamp MA 500 with counterplate, accessory emergency exit systems,
  • Integrated monitoring controls locking status
  • Separate door contact enables door status message
  • Different installation sets offer three different installation situations
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Application Areas

  • EltVTR-compliant locking of an emergency exit to prevent unauthorised access
  • Single and double leaf doors in escape and rescue routes
  • Fire protection doors

Technical data

MA 500
Width 265 mm
Height 66 mm
Depth 41 mm
Type of installation with corresponding mounting set (hinge side, opposite hinge side or reveal)
Service temperature -10 - 50 °C
IP rating IP30
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Current consumption 250 mA
Conforms to the EltVTR (guidelines for electronic locking systems) Yes
Conforms to EN 13637 Yes

Variants & Accessories


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