TS 550 NV

TS 550 NV F * Floor spring for single leaf fire protection doors up to 1400 mm leaf width with adjustable closing force EN 3-6 and without hold-open device

Floor springs TS 550 NV F GEZE floor spring TS 500 NV F for fire and smoke protection doors corner bearing all-glass assemblies door leaf, with hydraulic latching action that accelerates the door just before reaching the closed position.
  • Closing force with variable adjustment EN3-6
  • Can be used for right and left hand doors without conversion
  • Delayed closing adjustable to adapt the closing force of the door up to approx 80° opening angle
  • Closing speed can be individually adjusted
  • Hydraulic latching action which accelerates the door shortly before it is closed
  • Integrated back check, slows down doors that are thrown open forcefully
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  • All functions can be adjusted from above and in the installed state
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Application Areas

  • Fire and smoke protection doors
  • Right and left single-action doors
  • Single-action doors up to 1400 mm leaf width and 300 kg weight
  • Frequently used and heavy doors
  • Floor mounting, concealed

Technical data

TS 550 NV F
Suitability for fire protection doors Yes
Barrier-free in accordance with DIN 18040 up to leaf width (max.) in mm 1100 mm
Use on single-/double-action door Single-action door
Type of installation Floor
Opening angle (max.) 180 °
Closing force in accordance with EN 1154 EN 3 - 6
Leaf width (max.) 1400 mm
Leaf weight (max.) 300 kg
DIN direction left / right
Closing force adjustable Yes, stepless
Adjustable closing speed Yes
Latching action adjustable Yes, via valve
Back check integrated Mechanically fixed
Delayed closing integrated Yes
Position of closing force adjustment Top


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