Opening drives

E 3000 * Spindle drive for particularly heavy roof windows

E 1500 S / E 3000
  • Very high tensile and compressive force
  • Robust and corrosion-resistant design with built-in end position damping
  • Aluminium housing for highest design demands
  • Extensive brackets allow versatile installation on main or secondary closing edges
  • Synchronisation of max. four drives without external control unit
  • Tested in accordance with EN 12101-2 (natural smoke and heat extraction devices)
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Application Areas

  • Very heavy windows in the roof area
  • Natural ventilation, smoke and heat extraction system, natural smoke and heat extraction device (SHEV)
  • Use in the exhaust air system
  • Installation on wooden, PVC or metal windows
  • Frame installation

Technical data

E 3000
Dimensions 50 x 50 mm
Opening speed RWA 7.8 mm/s
Opening speed ventilation 7.8 mm/s
Force of pressure (max.) 3000 N
Holding force (max.) 25000 N
Tensile force 3000 N
Voltage at operation 24 V ± 25 %
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Current consumption 5 A
Power consumption 91 W
Residual ripple 20 %
Duty rating 30 %
Connector cable length 3 m
Special length of connector cable 5 m, 10 m
Min. core cross section 1 mm²
Number of cores 3 cores
Service temperature -5 - 75 °C
IP rating IP54
protection rating III
Synchronising function Yes
Type of additional locking mechanism Locking drive
Type of stroke shortening Factory setting
End position cut-off extended electronic
End position cut-off retracted electronic
Overload cut-off Yes
Complete opening within 60 s yes, up to 300 mm stroke
SHEV tested Yes
SHEV additional information yes, up to 300 mm stroke
Number synchronisation drive units 4
OUTWARD-opening roof window Yes

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