Smoke and heat extraction system control panels

THZ Comfort N4 * Staircase control panel in robust metal housing with illuminated SHEV and ventilation buttons for small smoke and heat extraction systems

THZ Comfort Complete smoke and heat extraction solution for staircases
  • Compact and attractive design with a very robust metal housing
  • Increased safety due to integrated, illuminated RWA and ventilation button
  • Adjustable backlight of the SHEV button
  • Safety and reliability confirmed by VdS recognition and TÜV test
  • Highest flexibility due to extensive parameter setting options
  • Quick and easy commissioning with the ST 220 service terminal
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  • Reduced installation effort thanks to integrated push buttons
  • Interconnection of several staircase control panels via potential-free contacts
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Application Areas

  • Smoke extraction in staircases
  • For smaller smoke and heat extraction solutions with one fire compartment
  • Connection options for smoke detector, FT 4 push button, fire alarm system contact, vent switch and weather sensors
  • For smoke and heat extraction system drives with a total power consumption of 4.5 A
  • Control of electromotive 24 V drives for smoke and heat extraction in the event of a fire
  • Control of a controlled natural ventilation
  • Suitable for new buildings and retrofitting

Technical data

THZ Comfort N4
Dimensions 140 x 248 x 85 mm
Width 140 mm
Height 248 mm
Depth 85 mm
Material Aluminium die casting
IP rating IP30
Service temperature -5 - 40 °C
Operating voltage 230 V AC
Power consumption (max.) 120 W
Connection cross-section / mains 1.5 mm²
Output voltage 24 V DC +/-15%
Residual ripple 2 %
Output current (max.) 4.5 A
Duty rating with maximum output current 30 %
Motor cable wire size 4 mm²
Battery capacity 2.3 Ah
Alarm groups 1
Vent groups 1 x
Networking of several control units Forwarding of alarm and reset signals for linking up to 10 control units
Signal outputs available 3 status contacts for which parameters can be set
Parameter setting of control units Service push buttons and 5 LEDs or ST 220
Standard conformity EN 12101-10, ISO 21927-9
Approvals VdS

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